Turbo Wax Hose Slide
(2 units)


Turbo Wax now offers "The Hose Slide"  designed to keep water hoses or electrical cords out of your tire.  If you have ever washed your car, you know how frustrating it is when the hose gets stuck.  We created the Hose Slide with the ability to stay in place the entire time you are working around your vehicle. The perfect contour will stick under your tire, but will not stick to your hose!  Plus, it's resistant to almost any chemical you can put on it.  Plus you don't have to worry about using it in direct sunlight because it's UV proof, and the polypropylene plastic is extremely durable.

The Hose Slide includes 2 separate slides, one for each of your from tires, and they stack for easy storage. Use your Hose Slides for your water hose, air hose, and power cords when you’re working on your vehicle and avoid the frustration of kinks and snags!

  • Keeps water hoses and electrical cords out of your tire!
  • Fits nearly any size tire, from motorcycle to fire truck!
  • Keeps your hose sliding, for one continuous walk around the vehicle!
  • Perfect for washing your car, spray paint booths, rotary buffer cords and more!


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