Turbo Wax Waterless Wash


Turbo Wax Waterless Wash Concentrate cleans all your vehicles surfaces without water and without scratching the surface. Once applied, our Waterless Wash lifts dirt from your vehicle’s surface, creating a barrier between the contaminants and your vehicles surface. Once suspended, contaminants can be safely and easily wiped away with a soft microfiber towel. Use on Paint, plastic, metals, glass, fiberglass and clear plastics. Plus, our Waterless Wash is safe for all colors!


When using as a waterless wash, clay lubricant or a quick detailer, simply open the flip-top cap and squeeze container until holding chamber reaches ½ fluid ounce line. Pour contents into a 22oz spray bottle. Fill mixing bottle with water and shake.

Lightly mist surface to be cleaned.

Gently wipe using a clean, dry microfiber towel.

Avoid contact with surfaces too hot to the touch.

When using as a bucket cleaning method, add 1 ounce of concentrate to 3 gallons of water. Allow a clean, soft microfiber towel to soak for a few minutes in bucket. Make sure surface is not gritty with sand or dirt to avoid scratching. Starting on upper surfaces first, wipe soaked microfiber towel in a back and forth motion in a small section (24” by 24”) at a time. Using another clean, dry microfiber towel, wipe area until dry. Repeat process in next section.

Can be used to clean interiors, glass, and chrome.

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