Turbo Wax Dirt Trap



The Turbo Wax Dirt Trap is your vehicle’s first line of defense against unsightly, wash-induced swirls, preventing dirt from making its way back to your car during washing.

The Turbo Wax Dirt Trap unique design fits into any five gallon bucket, with and easy 5 finger pulling/pushing hole for easy installation and removal. 

This patented design utilizes the motion of your hand to pump and trap debris underneath the screen. The venturi filtering system that manipulates the flow of water in a downward direction. This allows dirt particles to collect underneath the screen without a way for it to re-enter into the clean water. In short, every time you pump your hand in the bucket you are cycling the dirt underneath the screen and replenishing clean water above to help prevent swirl-marks and scratches on the painted surface. 

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