Turbo Wax Wheel and Tire Kit

The Turbo Wax Wheel and Tire Kit has all the essentials to clean and make your tires look bran new. From our Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner,   that easily destroys brake dust, oil & road grime without damaging or staining your wheels. Using the latest technology, Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner cleans any style wheel without acids, harsh detergents or other harmful chemicals. Our wheel cleaner is PH balanced and is clear coat safe! Safe for aluminum, chrome & alloy wheels, even hubcaps!!! and for the tire our Turbo Wax Tire  and Trim Dressing, our Signature NON Sling formula will provide up to 4 weeks of protection, our product is water repellent! Simply spray on the tire and walk away! or apply directly into the Turbo Wax Non Mess Applicator!  

Kit includes the following:

16oz Turbo Wax Tire and Trim Dressing 

16oz Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner

Turbo Wax Tire Dressing Aplicator

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