Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0


Turbo Wax BOOSTED 2.0 Exterior Ceramic Coating 9H glass technology produces a semi-permanent barrier between your vehicle’s surface and the elements. This product will provide protection & a wet mirror shine for up to 3 years. This 30ML bottle contains enough product to completely protect two medium size vehicles. For large SUVs, 2 bottles are recommended. 

Product Features:

- Passed the test of 9H pencil hardness under 1000g, Salt spray testing 240hours and thermal resistance 
- Long-lasting hydrophobic affects more than 2 years for applying one layer coating;
- Super High gloss finish, gloss more than 98%-100%;
- Anti Scratch, Anti-graffiti with pencil hardness above 9H
- Anti high temperature above -400/+600Celsius
- Anti-UV, weather resistance
- Thermal, chemical resistance


  1. The surface must be free of any oils and contaminants otherwise the longevity of the products will be at risk. Wipe each panel with a water-based solvent used to remove oil, wax, grease, and silicone from surfaces prior to coating.
  2. The surface must be out of the sunlight and cool.
  3. Spray coating directly into a foam applicator. ( One small splash) Do not re-use the applicator after one full car application has been done.
  4. Distribute evenly on the surface, work until the product starts to disappear, one panel at the time.
  5. Buff with a new clean microfiber towel. Do not re-use the microfiber towels after one full car application has been done. Properly wash them before using them again.
  6. Use Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus for longevity.
  7. Do not allow the vehicle to get wet for 24 hours after the coating application.
  8. Avoid washing the vehicle for 6 days. The vehicle must be washed using a car shampoo that is PH7.

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