Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus Combo

Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus is a Hybrid Spray a combination of a so-called Spray Wax and a so-called Spray Detailer. Turbo Wax Quick Detailer is formulated with synthetic polymers and two proprietary ingredients that combined together will create a temporary layer of protection on the surface. Our Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus will work on painted surfaces, glass, carbon fiber, chrome, powder-coated parts, wraps, and ceramic coated surfaces! Our formula won't strip wax, a sealant from the surface.  Streak-Free formula. Great hydrophobic properties. Watermelon Scent too!

Dry Application: If your vehicle has dust or fingerprints, you can simply spray  Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus on a clean microfiber towel to remove the dust. 

Wet Application: After you’ve washed and rinsed your vehicle, keep it wet. Simply apply a light mist of Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus r on the surface and dry. That’s it. As you dry your vehicle, Turbo Wax Quick Detailer Plus goes into action protecting and creating an amazing result. 

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