Turbo Wax BLAZE


  • Turbo Wax BLAZE Exterior Ceramic Coating 10H glass technology produces a semi-permanent bond that provides a durable hydrophobic barrier that will protect your vehicle’s surface from the elements. Our Ceramic Coating creates a Semi-Permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off. UV Resistance. Cross-Linked matrix that provides 10H hardness that is graded to last up to 5 years when properly maintained. One 20ML bottle contains enough product to completely protect one vehicle. For large SUVs, 2 bottles are recommended. 

    Note: Prior experience applying ceramic coating is needed.

    Main Features:
    Permanent Protection: 5 years of durability.
    Excellent High Gloss Finish.
    Coating Thickness:3µm.
    Anti corrosion: PH tolerance: ph 2-12.
    Super Hydrophobic Water-Repelling;
    Water contact angle:120 degrees.
    Thermal Resistance: Up to 780 degrees.
    Processing Temperature:6--32 degree -avoid direct sunlight
    Shelf life:2 years in original closed package
    Applying Method: Hand Applying by using coating sponge
    Product Form: Liquid

  • Instructions:
    1. The surface must be free of any oils and contaminants otherwise the longevity of the products will be at
    risk. Wipe each panel with a water-based solvent used to remove oil, wax, grease, and silicone from surfaces prior to coating. Recommended Products: Prep-All or 3M Prep Solvent-70
    2. The surface must be out of the sunlight and cool.
    3. Apply coating directly into a foam applicator or microfiber cloth. (6 to 8 drops ) Do not re-use applicator after
    one application has been done. Use both sides of the microfiber cloth
    4. Distribute evenly on the surface, work until product starts to disappear, one panel at the time. Cure time is 45
    seconds -1 minute depending on the ambient temperature, if the product is hard to remove, reduce the curing time
    5. Buff with a new clean WET microfiber towel. Immediately pass a DRY microfiber towel. Do not re-use the
    microfiber towels after one full car application has been done.
    6. If desired a second coat can be applied after 2 hrs.
    7. Use Turbo Wax Spray Wax or Turbo Wax Paint Sealant for longevity.
    8. Do not allow the vehicle to get wet for 24 hours after the coating application.
    9. Avoid washing the vehicle for 6 days. Vehicle must be washed using a car shampoo that is PH7.

    Notice: Do not apply to glass or windshield
    Seller makes no warranties, express or implied nor accepts returns

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