Synthetic Car Polymer Paint Sealant Spray


There’s a feeling of satisfaction when you see your car shining and looking brand new. Unfortunately, time spent outside and poor weather can lead to your car’s paint looking less than ideal. But with proper care and car polymer paint sealant from Turbo Wax, you can keep your car looking showroom-ready throughout the year.

We stand by all of our products and are certain they’ll improve the look and feel of your car. Our paint sealant can protect your car and its paint from damaging elements with our easily applied wax.

Extreme Strength Paint Sealant

No matter where you live, rocks, debris, snow, and other elements can easily pose a threat to the finish of your car. Regularly washing your car can remove these harmful elements, but the time between washes can lead to these elements damaging your paint job. You can give your car extra protection with the regular application of a synthetic car polymer paint sealant from Turbo Wax.

Our products are carefully crafted with the safest chemicals so that you can use our sealant on any surface of your car. If you happen to get some on your glass, it can easily be wiped away without any damage. Our sealant works on any type of car paint and carbon fiber. With our products, you can keep your car looking fantastic for many years.

We offer affordable prices on our paint sealants, and if you have any questions about your product, our customer service experts are just a phone call away.

Dedicated Car Care Experts

For any questions about our car polymer paint sealant or our other car care products, give us a call at 1.888.225.0666. We look forward to providing you with superior car care products that we’re certain you’ll be thrilled about and will keep your car nice for many years.


Before you get started, it’s best to properly wash the painted surface with Turbo Wax Car Shampoo to remove all loose dirt.

Shake well.

Apply a small amount of Turbo Wax Paint Sealant  Xtreme to an applicator.

Gently rub onto the surface with a side to side motion.

Allow to dry to a haze for about 15 minutes and remove residue with the Turbo Wax Microfiber Towel.


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