I am Juan Ruiz, owner of the Turbo Wax brand. I am an inexhaustible car fanatic. I am a mechanic, racer, and a designer. I've always been obsessed about car care and maintenance. Early on, there were many car care products available that created the deep shine customers wanted, but they lacked in ease of use and overall protection. I was forced to switch between many brands because I couldn't find one that met my car care needs. This is when I decided I needed to create the product that myself.

I wanted this product to have the best of everything. Ease of application, depth of shine and duration of protection were all extremely important. I wanted a product so perfect, people would have to ask me if I had a race car or a show car. It was a long and arduous process with a lot of testing and tweaking, but my dream product was born!

If I was at the track, at car shows, or on the street, people would compliment my car and ask me what I was using to create this incredible finish. I could only reply that these were products I created for myself and were not available to the public. From time to time, I would give samples away. I wanted to share my experiences and see how pleased my friends would be with their cars finish. After much positive feedback and a big demand for my products, I decided that I would bring my personal detail line to the market.

Turbo Wax was officially born. I am certain that I have created a product line like no other. Built by a passionate car enthusiast, I aggressively create and test products to ensure they are the best available. Turbo wax is driven by passion and enthusiasm, no by corporate structure and dollars.

Thank you for letting me introduce you to my dream, Turbo Wax.