Turbo Wax Interior Dressing RP1



Turbo Wax Interior Dressing RP1 ( RP1 = Restores and Protects in on) has created a special blend of ingredients that produce a UV barrier, shielding against the sun to prevent cracking and fading of all your vehicle’s interior leather, vinyl, and rubber. This special blend blocks the sun’s intense rays from penetrating and altering leather, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. This non-greasy formula lets your interiors natural color shine through!!


  1. Remove any excess dust with a dry microfiber towel prior to applying the product.
  2. Apply a small amount to a clean applicator and rub gently onto the surface.
  3. Some dry areas may require a second application.
  4. If needed a second application may be needed.

**Do not use on motorcycle tires or seats. Avoid using on brake and gas pedals. 

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