Getting the best tire shine gel is a good start, but more is needed if you want to keep your wheels looking and working at peak performance. The fact is that no other part of our vehicle receives as much wear and tear as the wheels. They are constantly being driven through mud, over bumps and debris, sitting in water and mud and that doesn’t even include the abuse they take as you get on the highway and start driving over 60 mph. So, buying great quality products is a good start, but you need to make sure you have the other tools necessary to keep them clean and looking new.

We offer everything you need whether it’s the rubber or the rims, to get in to those tight places, reach dirt and clean it out. If you are washing your entire car then we highly recommend that you begin with the wheels. Most people think that you would save the tires for last and do the rest of the car first but that’s often a mistake. The wheels are going to be the dirtiest part of the car and therefore the hardest to clean. Get those done first and you will be happier with the overall results. If you want to save the gel for the last part as you would the wax, that’s completely fine.

Turbo Wax offers the best tire shine gel on the market today, not only because of how affordable it is but because of how well it works, providing that professional quality look that lasts. If you are interested in learning more about this or other helpful car washing tips, we encourage you to contact us today or join our VIP club where you will find great deals on all our products, updated information on maintaining your car and much more.