What car cleaning products do you need to keep your vehicle running and looking its best? There are a lot of options including soap, wax, polish, window cleaner and other choices. Don’t forget about pads, cloths, buffers, brushes and other tools that can help as well. All of these items are utilized to have a vehicle looking its absolute best. However, it’s important to understand how to properly use them to maximize what you get out of them. Here’s where you can start:

  • Interior: An important tip for a clean interior is all about getting into those tight places and removing debris, garbage or anything else that has fallen there. This is easier said than done which is why you will want small brushes, q-tips, toothbrushes and powerful vacuums to help keep it looking new.
  • Exterior: This is where things get a little tricky. Removing particles and dirt is the easy part. It’s protected the paint from scratches, dirt and other substances that requires real work. This is where having high-quality wax, polish and other items can be a big help, saving you time and a lot of effort.
  • Important tips: To maximize the results you get from using car cleaning products, it’s almost recommended that you wash the vehicle in a shaded area, preferably after it’s been off for at least an hour. The reason is because the lower the temperature, the better the results are as things are not heated and forced to dry faster.

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