Turbo Wax is the best place to go for car detailing polishing kits that get great results but also help you to save big throughout the year. The average person who has someone else wash their vehicle is spending over $500 a year on automotive maintenance. This includes washing, detailing, waxing, polishing and more, per vehicle. That’s too much to spend and you need to look into ways of saving while still maintaining your vehicle. That’s where our elite-level quality products come in as they give you that professionally done look at a fraction of the price.

However, while our customers appreciate our elite service and high-quality products, what keeps them coming back is the free advice we offer them each month on maintaining and protecting their vehicles. For example, did you know that it’s better to wash and wax your car in the shade? Everyone has this image of washing their vehicle when the weather is perfect, under sunny skies. The truth is that hot temperatures can cause these substances to dry faster, keeping you from getting the finished look you wanted. Make sure you are washing under some shade and that the vehicle has had at least an hour to cool down from driving around.

If you are using car detailing polishing kits you want to make sure that you thoroughly wash the vehicle first. This ensures that any dirt, particles or debris is off the paint, helping to avoid any wear and tear or small scratches from forming. These are the kind of tips that we offer our customers for free to maximize their efforts and ensure that they get the most out of their wash. If you enjoy DIY vehicle maintenance then we are the place to shop, not just for our outstanding products but also for our elite service.