Are you using your car wash shampoo correctly? It may seem like an obvious question but are you happy with the results when you are done? If not, then it’s obvious that there needs to be a change to your technique. For example, where are you doing the washing? Are you doing it at the hottest point of the day, under direct sunlight? Are you doing it immediately after you get home and the vehicle has been driving for a while? If so, then you are making a common mistake. As you apply water and soap to the surface, everything is drying faster than you can clean it up, meaning that residue is being left on the surface. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you clean it under some shade.

Another valuable tip is to take note of what you are using to apply and scrub the surface. Is it a microfiber towel or padding that came with the shampoo? Using old rags and t-shirts is a mistake as the surface can cause tiny scratches in the paint. Over time, these scratches add up and begin to damage the surface of the vehicle which leads to bigger problems. It’s little things like this that may not be noticeable at first, but they can add up to create problems that could easily have been avoided.

Turbo Wax car wash shampoo is a great option for the DIY enthusiast who wants to keep their vehicle clean throughout the year and also save money. However, our customers also rely on us for our advice and friendly tips that help them maximize their efforts and get the best possible results. We invite you to check out our blog for more helpful tips and contact us if you have any questions regarding which products are the best for your vehicle.