One of the more popular items we offer is our ceramic coating.  The reason it’s so popular is that it provides that professional quality looks without having to pay expensive rates to have someone else do it. Our goal is to offer people affordable products that helps them to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year with DIY auto maintenance. However, we needed to offer you more than that in order to be a team you can rely on throughout the year. You are trying to get professional results and you cannot just give someone the same quality products the pros use and expect them to figure it out.

That’s why you will find plenty of free advice throughout our website. These tips will help you to learn how to properly wash, wax, polish and maintain your vehicle using many of our products. If you understand how the pros do it and why you will understand what it takes to get those amazing results. However, there’s more to washing a vehicle than just throwing some soap and water on it with a rag. You need to know the ins and outs of each product, what advantages they offer and so forth.

A great example is the ceramic coating from Turbo Wax. This particular option is great because it is applied by hand and bonds with the paint to create a protective layer. Imagine that, you can chemically protect your vehicle's paint by using our products and your very own hands. No expensive carwashes, no waiting in line. You walk out to your front year and an hour later you are done. That’s something that our customers want, and we are more than happy to offer it them. The products are affordable, and the advice is always free.