If you are washing your car, you need to be using a microfiber cleaning cloth. Too often, people make the mistake of using just any old rag they find in their garage or an old t-shirt because it’s available and something they think is soft. It can feel soft to the touch but what you don’t realize is that on the surface of the car it can be rough on the paint. Even if you do not see any difference, over time it is creating tiny scratches that will eventually weaken the protective layer. If you plan on having your vehicle for more than just a few years, this is something you would like to avoid, and we have the products to not only help you do that but to make sure that you protect your paint job.

While we do offer a great variety of products to help your car look its best, it’s our free advice that has most people routinely visiting our site, signing up for our monthly newsletter and even following us on social media. This information is paramount to getting a professional look for a DIY job. This includes ways to utilize products like soap, wax, polish and more, when to wash your vehicle, what not to do, how often you should use a certain product and more.

Turbo Wax microfiber cleaning cloth are not only available at a low price, but they are the ideal product to add to your car wash kit if you plan on maintaining your own vehicle throughout the year. Our customers believe in the DIY attitude where they can save hundreds of dollars a year and still have their car looking great. If you find anything else on our site that interests you, please feel free to message us and we will be happy to assist you.