What is in your car cleaning kit? Probably microfibre cloths car cleaning, wax, polish, soap, stuff to work the interior, a brush and a few other items. That’s a good start but you want to be careful not to make a mistake that is very commonly made when it comes to DIY car washing. Don’t skip out on what gets put onto your paint. For example, you’ve probably seen people go out to wash their vehicle and they grab an old t-shirt or rag. That’s not a good idea because while the texture may seem to be smooth to you, the fact is that it’s not when you apply it to the paint. That rag is just scratching away at the protective coating and paint, creating issues down the road.

Understanding the importance each product offers is important when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking great while also saving money. Believe it or not, the average person who pays to have their vehicle washed once a month is spending over $400 a year to do it. That doesn’t include those who get it detailed or other high-cost services. Is that an expense you want to cover every year? Probably not, which is why you’ve embraced the do it yourself mindset and you want to save big but also get great results.

Turbo Wax microfibre cloths car cleaning products are available at a low price and are the perfect addition to any kit. However, as you take a look at our site we encourage you to check out other products that give you a professional quality finish for a low price. We also offer monthly blogs that cover everything from protecting your vehicle, proper maintenance and cleaning advice and much more. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or message us.