Within your vehicle cleaning kits, you should have soap, wax, polish, microfiber towels, leather cleaner and more. Each of these products are designed to improve your efforts and protect your car for years. If used properly, they will provide the same type of results that you would expect from paying someone to wash your car. However, using them properly is where people always seem to have a little confusion. Isn’t it pretty obvious how you need to use car wash soap? What about wax, what’s so confusing about that? Remember, it’s not that you are using them wrong, it’s that you aren’t using them in the proper way or you are missing something that’s keeping them from working their best.

Did you know that you are not supposed to wash your car in direct sunlight? Imagine that, every image you’ve ever had about washing your vehicle is to do it on a sunny day. The fact is that if the car is too hot then the products you put onto it are not going to work as well. They usually dry too quickly which is why you don’t get the finish you are looking for. If you had a team of people doing it at once you may get away with it but because you are doing it yourself, you aren’t able to hit every spot in time.

Turbo Wax offers tips like these and many more along with great deals on vehicle cleaning kits to help you get the best results for your efforts. You already know that you want to save big when it comes to washing your car, but we can help you get the best possible results and people will not be able to tell whether you did it yourself or paid a professional to do the work.