What exactly is wet look car polish? It is what it sounds like, it’s a finish that has your vehicle looking freshly washed. It’s obvious why this type of product would be in such high demand, but you also have to look at other options for cleaning your vehicle. Before you can apply polish, wax or anything else, you need to remove any dirt, sand, grime or residue that’s on the vehicle. This is where the real work comes in as it takes time to do a great job. Remember, polishing the surface isn’t going to look as great unless it’s been well cleaned and that’s where our products can help.

What other tips do you need to know in order to get the best possible results? An important one is where to wash your vehicle. You may think that it’s pretty obvious, you need to wash it in direct sunlight. That’s actually a common mistake as it can cause the soap and wax to dry too quickly, not allowing you have that clean look you wanted. The best thing to do is to wash it in sections and under some shade whether it’s a carport, tree or something else. This allows you the time you need to properly wash and dry everything.

Turbo Wax wet look car polish will have your vehicle looking clean and smooth, days or even weeks after you’ve washed it. Add these to your cleaning kit along with any of the other high-quality products we offer, and you will be happy with the results from your DIY wash, each and every time you do it. Have more questions about this product or any others that we offer? Then feel free to contact us today and we will be able to assist you in making the right decision for you.