Turbo Wax Ceramic Spray TC1 Si02


Turbo Wax Ceramic Spray TC1 ( Top Coat in One ) Si02 Infused is a durable  Ceramic Spray Wax with hydrophobic properties that provides protection to the surface. Simply spray and wipe on the surface such as painted surfaces, glass, wheels, wraps, carbon fiber, and many more, that's it!

The combination of or proprietary components along with sio² (silicon dioxide) provides durable protection against the elements and will tirelessly repel water without sacrificing clarity, depth, and shine. Turbo Wax Ceramic Spray TC1 is an excellent product to maintain ceramic coated surfaces including our turbo wax boosted 2.0 ceramic coatings.

To be used as primary protection or as a boost on your existing ceramic coated, wax, sealant surfaces. This product can also be applied to Non-Coated Ceramic Coated Surfaces. Maintaining your car has never been easier


Shake the bottle well before use and always apply it to a clean and cool surface.
Spray turbo wax ceramic spray tc1 to a soft microfiber cloth. 
Spread the product evenly over the surface.
The surface has to be dry.
Let the product dry for a few minutes so that it can adhere to the surface.
Wipe off the residue with a new clean microfiber or the clean side of the microfiber until a clear surface is formed.
Always have a clean microfiber it may be necessary to change to an extra cloth if the first cloth becomes too saturated. For extra depth, shine and durability it is possible to apply multiple layers. Wait at least 24 hours before applying an extra layer.

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