Turbo Wax Medium Cut Compound (32 Oz)


Turbo Wax Medium Cut Compound is a professional grade abrasive that removes medium grade paint defects. Remove scratches, swirls, water spots & wet sanding marks while polishing your vehicles surface to a glossy shine.


  1. Shake well before using
  2. Make sure surface is cool, dry and clean
  3. Dispense small amount of product on the pad.
  4. Spread product with pad before starting machine to minimize product sling.
  5. Working in a two by two foot area.
  6. Buff using light to medium pressure and reduce pressure as product begins to dry.
  7. Wipe remaining residue with a clean Turbo Wax  Microfiber Towel
  8. If excess product slings onto adjacent panels or moldings, wipe off with a damp microfiber cloth before going to next panel to be buffed.
  9. Follow up with Turbo Wax Swirl Remover as a final step.

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