Turbo Wax Clay Block


The Turbo Wax Clay Block falls in the mid-range between the medium and ultra-fine grades of detail clay. Like clay, the Turbo Wax Clay Block quickly removes bonded surface contamination, preparing it for polishing and sealing. A single Oxidation block will clean your car surface up to twenty-five times, making it more efficient than the traditional clay bar. Not only is safe for your vehicle's surface but it also works on your vehicle's windshield.

Will remove:

  • Paint Overspray
  • Industrial Pollution
  • Road Grime
  • Brake Dust
  • Bugs Remains
  • Pollen
  • Specs from Tree Sap or Tar
  1. If you are a first-time customer using our Oxidation Block please follow the instructions very carefully. Prior to using this product the surface must be completely dirt-free, plenty of lubricants must be used ( from the water/car shampoo mix) apply to a very small area for testing purposes before using the product on the entire vehicle surface.
  2. While the vehicle still wet, Hold the rubber side against the surface and glide it back and forth GENTLY.
  3. Don’t press it hard onto the surface and rub it roughly. Repeat the gliding motion with water until you feel the surface is smooth. While the vehicle still wet.
  4. Turbo Wax Waterless Wash can be used as a lubricant.

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