Turbo Wax Tire Dressing T2


Turbo Wax Tire Dressing T2 T2 Stands for Trim Too) One Gallon Jug is a long-lasting, multi-surface product that seals and protects tires, door trim, rubber, faded bumpers, vinyl, and plastic while giving a natural look and shine.  Turbo Wax Tire Dressing T2  has a unique formula that clings to the surface of the tire and will not end up on wheels and painted body panels. Our formula provides up to 4 weeks of protection and will not wash off. This Non Sling Formula is also water repellent. Simply Spray On and Walk away or apply with an applicator.

* Wil Not Sling
* Non-Grease Formula
* Natural Look
* Water Repellant 
* Can be applied directly into the surface or with an applicator

Note: Not recommended for motorcycle tires


  1. Make sure tires are clean and dry.
  2. Spray Directly into the tire and allow the product to dry or spray a small amount to the Turbo Wax No Mess Applicator and spread evenly to the entire sidewall of the tire. Same for the trim  
  3. On smaller areas, apply onto the applicator
  4. Allow product to dry 

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