Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe


Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe will clean your wheels and tires,  easily destroys brake dust, oil & road grime without damaging or staining your wheels. Using the latest technology, Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner Deluxe cleans any style wheel without acids, butyl ethers, harsh detergents or other harmful chemicals. Our wheel cleaner is PH balanced and is clear coat safe! Safe for aluminum, chrome & alloy wheels, even hubcaps!!!


Make sure the wheel and tires are at ambient temperature and not hot! spray onto a cool wheel/tire let it sit for 60 seconds then agitate the surface with a sponge or brush to activate the formula for even better cleaning. rinse thoroughly. 


  1. The wheel can be wet or dry to start.
  2. Apply a small amount of wheel cleaner to the wheel.
  3. Use a clean dry applicator to spread the substance evenly over the entire wheel. If you get any of it on the tire or clear coat, it’s okay – our wheel cleaner solution is completely safe and will do no harm.
  4. Gently rinse the suds off the wheel with water.
  5. Dry the wheel, and repeat this process for the other wheels.

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