10 Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast in Your Life

by JUAN ruiz on Feb 16, 2018

10 Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast in Your Life

Choosing gifts for a car enthusiast can be nearly impossible and borderline expensive at times. Buying actual parts for the enthusiast's car is one idea if you have the money, but if you are not careful you may order the wrong parts. These 10 gift ideas are not only unique but will also be appreciated.

1) Bluetooth Adapter

Not being able to listen to music on your phone, and being stuck only listening to the same songs on the radio, can often be very tiring. A bluetooth adapter gives the capability to connect a phone to a car's stereo system through bluetooth. The adapter will connect to the current stereo system and receive bluetooth signals from the phone, playing whatever your enthusiast's heart desires.

2) Car-themed Furniture

Automotive furniture is a great way to feel connected to the automotive world while away from a car. This furniture is available in a range of products such as engine desks, camshaft lights, and racing seat chairs. They allow for any enthusiast to feel as if they are on the race track, from the comfort of their homes.

3) Automotive Clothing

This gear can allow for your enthusiast to represent their passion while performing their daily tasks. Bonus points if you can find clothing that reminds them of their favorite maker or model.

4) Driving Gloves

These could fit under the automotive clothing category, but they are so much more. Driving gloves allow for optimal grip while driving in addition to comfort. Nothing’s better than a pair of soft-lined driving gloves to protect you from a frigid steering wheel on a chilly morning.

5) Turbo Wax Detailing Kit

Many enthusiasts enjoy keeping their car clean and looking up to date. A detailing kit will ensure the perfect shine for their car while being able to maintain it for weeks to come.

6) Car Floor Mats

Car mats are one of the first few things that you see when entering a car. For the person that likes to keep their car clean, new car mats are a great present to receive.

7) Phone Mount

Phone mounts are important to keeping your phone secure and accessible. Additionally, these mounts can easily allow for a phone to be used as a GPS device.

8) Model Car

Building model cars is often much cheaper than building a real car. These model cars can keep any car enthusiast busy as they save for their next project. They also make a perfect gift if your friend has an affinity for a particular vintage model.

9) Car Cover

In many places having a car cover can be ideal. Car covers prevent damage from external elements and allow for a car to stay clean longer.

10) Emergency Window Breaker

One of the last items that anyone should ever need is a window breaker. However, there are instances where one may be needed. Unfortunate events such as a dead battery, a car accident, or a submerged vehicle can leave someone trapped in their car with no way out. Many modern window breakers are compact and allow for storage in small places, such as a cupholder. By placing the breaker against the window, the breaker will easily break the window and allow for a person to escape the vehicle.


There are many gift options available for car enthusiasts. Although it can be a tricky task, when you take into account what the enthusiast in your life may need then it becomes simple. If anything, these ten idea will at last get you started in the right direction.