Our Best Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle

by Brett Byrne on Nov 20, 2018

Our Best Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle from damage is to make it less attractive to thieves. Thieves target vehicles that minimize their chances of being caught. Typically, thieves avoid cars that have security, dash cams or are parked in safe locations. It is important to remember that unsafe driving is the leading cause of damage to vehicles. Below are some of the best ways to protect your vehicle from damage.

Drive Safely

Statistics indicate that your vehicle is more likely to get damaged by reckless or distracted driving versus theft or vandalism. According to car accident lawyers, reckless driving can include speeding, making aggressive maneuvers and attempting improper lane changes. Most states have laws specifically to address this type of driving because it is considered a serious driving offense. Reckless driving is usually classified as a misdemeanor. You should never recklessly drive; follow all traffic laws to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Today, some of the biggest distractions for drivers are cell phones, passengers, outside distractions, and the tendency to adjust vehicle settings, such as the radio or air conditioning. It is critical to keep your eyes and mind on the road at all times to prevent damage to your vehicle. If you must use a cell phone, the call should be hands-free and kept to a minimum. You should never text while driving. It is normal to turn your head to look at an accident or other events on the road, but this should be avoided.

Practice Mindful Parking

Strategic parking is very important in preventing theft or damage to a vehicle. It is wise to avoid parking in isolated or dark areas. This is especially important if you will be in a mall, store or other location for an extended period of time. These areas give thieves the ideal environment to work in. Parking wisely can also prevent other drivers from damaging your vehicle. Wherever you park, it is important to keep any valuables out of view or remove them from the vehicle.

Dash Cams

When people think about dash cams, they typically think about accident or fraud protection, but the technology can also be an excellent deterrent to thieves and vandals. According to security specialists, a primary benefit of dash cams is that some can be set to stay on all day and night—even when the vehicle is not running. The chance of being recorded is often enough to make thieves consider an easier target. These cams can also make other drivers around your vehicle drive more carefully when they see a dash cam in your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

If you’re like most people, then you want to do everything you can to maintain the look and function of your vehicle. By taking preventative measures to keep thieves away from your vehicle and driving safely, you can avoid physical damage to your car.

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