4 Best Practices for Preserving the Value of Your Car

by Brett Byrne on Nov 27, 2018

4 Best Practices for Preserving the Value of Your Car

If you're purchasing a new car, you probably know that it will start to lose its value as soon as you drive it off a dealer's lot. While you can't avoid this type of depreciation, you can implement strategies that will help preserve the value of your car. Here are four tips that you can use to ensure that your car stays in the best shape possible.

Regular Cleaning

Keeping the exterior and interior of your car clean is one of the best ways to help preserve its value. If you live in an area that has a large amount of traffic, there may be more dirt and grime on the road that is going to get on the outside of your car.

It's really important to clean your car as often as you can, and give it a thorough wax job as well. This will help keep the paint job protected and stop dirt from embedding itself into the car's exterior. You can do this yourself by using our car exterior care products.

Beware of the Sun

Damage from the sun can dramatically reduce the life and appeal of your car. Just as you wouldn’t go outside for a long period of time without sun protection, you shouldn't leave your vehicle exposed to those powerful rays either. No, that doesn't mean slathering your vehicle with sunscreen; it means purchasing a cover that will shield it from the sun.

Covering and protecting your car when it's not in use will greatly reduce the amount of sun damage that could occur over time. In a few years, when you decide to sell your car, it will outshine the rest and look like it's got a brand-new paint job.

Park Smart

Parking lots are notorious for producing bumper scratches and door dings. You can help avoid these blemishes by being smart about where you park when you need to leave your car. When possible, choose empty spots that are far away from other vehicles. Of course, if you do have to park between two cars, be sure to do it right and carefully.

It's also important to choose spots that keep your car out of the way of danger. Some areas of parking lots are highly vulnerable to shopping carts, turning vehicles or passing traffic.

Regular Maintenance and Good Records

Maintaining your vehicle on a regular schedule will keep everything running smooth. It will also show that you care about your vehicle and did all that you could to preserve its value when it comes time to negotiate a price with a potential buyer. Most importantly, proper maintenance is crucial to road safety. Failure to perform necessary maintenance is a form of driver negligence. Preserve the value of your care by ensuring that it's safe and road-worthy. 

Having records of maintenance and any repairs will show that the car has been cared for. This will help a car sell sooner compared to one that has a sketchy record of maintenance and repairs.