4 Safety Upgrades You Need If You Have Kids In Your Car

by Brett Byrne on Sep 05, 2018

4 Safety Upgrades You Need If You Have Kids In Your Car

Transporting children by vehicle on long trips and short commutes makes having car safety features imperative. Ultimately, the protection of young passengers depends on how well the driver operates a vehicle. Even the most seasoned drivers, however, cannot predict when children will misbehave, or when another driver will endanger their safety. Consider upgrading your vehicle’s features to accommodate the unique needs of young people as they learn to be patient on trips.

Expand Your View

Most newer vehicles have camera feature options available at the time of purchase. These come in handy when squeezing in tight parking spots, but they are also great for child safety. Interior cameras keep a constant eye on children in the back seat. It’s possible to monitor them as you sit forward comfortably. Exterior cameras are also necessary, especially those in the rear. No one knows when a child will take off and wander behind the vehicle. Cameras help a driver spot them before a backup accident.

Boost Your Options

The vast majority of areas in the country have laws governing how children should be safely placed in a vehicle. These laws are designed to be umbrella regulations that take into consideration a child’s height and weight when strapping them in with a seatbelt. Seat belts are useless unless they fit correctly against a child’s body. Booster seats are essential for the safety of children who do not meet size minimums. There are alternatives to booster seats for older kids or particularly “squirrelly” ones. These include many innovative body harnesses and vests that automatically adjust the angle of seat belt straps.

Avoiding Concussions and Other Hard Knocks

On rough roads and tight turns, a child’s head can wriggle around. They have not developed the neck muscles needed to counter the forces felt inside a vehicle. Even when harnessed in a booster seat, if done improperly, such as facing the wrong direction, they are still in danger of injury in the event of a crash. Also, never buy extra accessories for your car seat that do not come from the manufacturer and are not meant for the specific model you own. Adding these accessories can be dangerous because they have not been tested for effectiveness with your booster seat and they could end up doing more harm than good.

The Driver’s Role

If a person is transporting children in a vehicle, it is highly likely that they fall into the “busy and tired parent” category. It is very easy for fatigue to overcome a driver suddenly. This can be a detriment to kids and everyone else in the vehicle. Certain tech upgrades for cars are now available to monitor driver alertness and drowsiness. A series of sensors monitor things like erratic vehicle behavior, steering, speed fluctuations, and even driver vital signs. Many exclusive and common car manufacturers are now offering installation of this option for vehicle safety.

A parent’s job of providing safe conditions for their children is never done. No adult can have full control of every danger that a child faces, but they can make vehicle trips ultra safe. Simple vehicle and equipment upgrades can increase child travel safety exponentially. For more driving and car tips, check out our blog!