4 Things Your Home Auto Shop Needs

by Brett Byrne on May 13, 2018

4 Things Your Home Auto Shop Needs

Maybe you built a home auto garage to start a home-based business as a mechanic. Or maybe you’re just passionate about building and restoring your own vehicles. Whatever the reason, a garage space isn’t enough — you need to stock it! And heaven knows that there’s a lot of tools and other equipment that you’d like in your dream garage. But here are four big ones to get you started.

Instructional Guides

Owning an auto shop garage is a major time commitment and financial investment. Know what you are doing with manuals. Even experienced mechanics need assistance from time to time. Stay informed by reading service repair manuals and books that you keep on shelves in the garage. If keeping physical manuals takes up too much space, digital service repair manuals can be stored easily on small electronic devices like phones or tablets.


Install any feature that you need or want in your auto garage. Floodlights cover the entire garage with bright lights and extend to the driveway. A small light bulb that dangles from the ceiling is ineffective as you work on repairs at night. The bright light ensures that you see the dark, hidden parts of the vehicle. There are flood light bulbs that you can easily screw into a fixture and motion sensor ones that turn on when you approach them.

Proper Ventilation

Any autoshop is prone to various fumes from a number of sources. These include chemical waste, cleaners, gasoline, exhaust, and more. Make sure that your garage has adequate ventilation. Also be sure to invest in a reliable carbon monoxide detector, because you don't want to risk breathing that in.

Maintenance Products

Have another shelf that contains a line of auto maintenance products. Regular maintenance is an important part of owning a vehicle. If you have regular customers, many will want waxing in addition to oil changes. Include the best waxes, polishes, auto greasers, and buffers in your lineup. But as will auto shops, homebound or not, be sure to have an organization system in place. If your auto shop is in the garage, as many people often do, then be sure to create categories of where certain products belong. Afterward, you can assign certain garage hooks or other storage solutions for certain types of products.

Drip Pans

To prevent toxic contamination, keep the garage as clean as possible. This is challenging if you are working on particularly leaky, grimy vehicles. Use drip pans to collect oil before it forms in pools that are difficult to remove from the floor.

A custom-made home auto shop allows you to save on common repairs. Nearly everyone owns a car, and cars need regular maintenance. You can start an informal business in the garage and earn a supplemental income. First, know about the most common items that you need, and prepare your at-home garage for long-term use.