4 Tips For Cleaning Up After Going Mudding

by Juan Ruiz on Sep 06, 2018

4 Tips For Cleaning Up After Going Mudding

Mudding is popular for people with trucks, and it's easy to see why! The experience is as fun as ever. It's perfect to create memories with friends and family. Of course, there is a lot of clean up after the fact. Don't let that discourage you, though! Here are some simple ways to clean your truck after mudding and clean it right.

How to Clean Your Tires

Dirty tires can lose traction, making your vehicle unsafe for you and your family. Use a power washer or go to a car wash right after mudding. Warm water helps remove mud and dirt easily if you have that option. Finally, detail the tires with a brush to make sure you got all of the dirt out from the grooves in the tires. And don’t forget to clean the rims properly so they can shine.

How to Get Hard to Reach Spots

Many people have difficulty cleaning under the truck, but dirt in this area can lead to severe problems in the future. To help with this problem, many people simply drive over a hose with a light sprinkler attached.

The engine is another place that people have difficulty cleaning. You don't want to ruin anything, but you also don't want mud and dirt to get in the way of your vehicle's functionality. Be gentle with the amount of water you use while cleaning this area. Look for cleaners specifically designed for this purpose, or just use a towel and a brush.

How to Ensure Your Truck is Still Safe

Do a thorough examination immediately after the mudding fun. The longer you wait to clean the vehicle, the more likely it is that the truck will have dirt in places that can cause a serious problem. During your examination, check the tires, engine, vents, and every little detail on your vehicle. After you ensure the truck is clean, take it for a quick ride to make sure that everything runs properly and sounds correct.


You obviously want your truck to look as good as new after your adventure. After a good wash, don't hesitate to apply a new layer of wax. You can even get a protective wax that will help your truck look its best in the future, too.

Mudding can be dirty, but don't avoid taking the time necessary to clean your truck. And if all else fails, recruit your kids to help clean it!