5 Car Care Items All Serious Auto-Owners Must Have in Their Garage

by Brett Byrne on Apr 06, 2018

5 Car Care Items All Serious Auto-Owners Must Have in Their Garage

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Your own garage could be an ideal place to make car repairs and maintenance. To save money and extend the lifespan of your vehicle, you should always have these items on hand in your garage. Here are 5 car care products to include in your regular maintenance.

1. Car Wax or Paint Sealant

Carnauba Car Wax is the wax of enthusiasts. It appeals to people that are willing to spend a couple of hours every month or so to use it. Most of them will tell you it is time well spent because of the shine that Carnauba Car Wax produces. On the other hand, paint sealants like Turbo Wax Paint Sealant will last a lot longer and are easier to apply.

2. Car Shampoo

You can’t use any old kind of soap on the exterior of your vehicle. You should use a shampoo that is PH balanced, and Turbo Wax Car Shampoo has exactly that. Your car needs a shampoo that will break down and release stubborn dirt and grime, but that will also give it gloss and shine. The wrong usage of shampoo will remove any wax/paint sealant from the surface over an extended period.

3. Upholstery Cleaners

Maintain the interior of your car regularly. Focus mainly on cleaning the floor and seats. You can use soap detergent or a specially made upholstery cleaning product. Also, include a scrub brush to remove stains and a portable wet/dry vacuum for the floor. Using water is necessary to clean the floor effectively, and a wet/dry vacuum allows you to remove any standing water.

4. Degreasers

Use a degreaser on any part of the vehicle from the engine to the wheels. A degreasing product is made to cling onto the surface and penetrate on its own. You don't need to scrub at the stains, and the results are rinsed off easily. The degreaser is just one part of a complete car cleaning system. There are other products that are designed to clean metals, remove corrosion, etc. Keep your products well organized for optimal garage storage.

5. Antifreeze

An antifreeze product is needed in any environment that sustains freezing temperatures. It prevents the water from freezing inside of the car, which causes the parts to expand and burst. Drivers are encouraged to check their fluid levels at least once a year.

More people are taking care of their own car maintenance needs. The internet makes it easy for anyone to review maintenance guides and buy the right car care products. Equip your garage with the tools needed to care properly for your car.