5 Most Common Ways Cars Are Damaged

by Brett Byrne on Aug 29, 2018

5 Most Common Ways Cars Are Damaged

Cars are expensive. Those who own a nice vehicle want to avoid car damage at all costs. Some of the most common types of damage are avoidable, but others are not. According to Henry Dailey, “Some common causes of motor vehicle accidents include drunk, drugged, drowsy, or distracted drivers.” As a result of distracted or impaired driving, we typically see these five types of car damage:

Minor Accidents

Rear end accidents and vehicles being hit while parked are two prevalent types of minor car accidents that can cause a lot of damage. A simple rear-end type of accident can damage headlights, taillights, grills, trunks, and bumpers. The best way to avoid these type of accidents is to allow plenty of space between you and other vehicles. Always park in a location where your car will be highly visible.

T-bone Accidents at Intersections

When drivers run a red light because they are distracted, or because they are in a hurry, t-bone accidents at intersections are often the result. These type of accidents can cause a car to be totaled as there is often significant damage to the frame and doors. These type of crashes often cause significant injuries to those who are in the vehicles involved.


Flooding damages thousand of cars each year in the United States. Flood damage may occur when drivers attempt to cross water in the roadway that is deeper than they expected. Many vehicles are damaged by flooding that results from intense rainfall events and hurricanes. A flooded car can experience extensive engine, transmission and brake damage. Interior damage to the vehicle is often extensive.


Quarter-sized hail or larger can turn a beautiful car into a dented up mess in just minutes. Hail storms often result in windshield chipping and cracking at the very least. Some hail events are so intense in parts of the Midwest that they can lead to cars being totaled out by the insurance company.

Rock Chips

Many drivers have faced the unpleasant experience of driving down the road and having a rock thrown up into the windshield. A small chip is often the result. These type of chips can be repaired. However, chips tend to spread. This is especially true when it is hot outside. When a chip spreads, a windshield will need to be replaced.

These are just five of the more common ways that cars can be damaged. These five causes add up to millions each year in insurance claims, and many of these types of accidents are avoidable by simply driving alert, undistracted, and responsibly. For more articles about car maintenance and safe habits, check out our blog.