5 Parts to Add Value to Your Hot Rod

by JUAN ruiz on Feb 21, 2018

5 Parts to Add Value to Your Hot Rod

Some people want to get rid of old, malfunctioning cars right away. For others, they choose to make the car just as or more valuable than it was initially. There are certain parts that you should buy and install to increase the value. Consider these six items to enhance the look and function of the vehicle.

1. Speakers

Most people listen to music while they drive. Install additional speakers if music listening is an essential part of your driving experience. For more profound effects, install subwoofers to amplify the bass. The more in-depth sounds cause vibrations throughout the car and produce sounds that are heard from long distances.

2. Grille

The grille is the front part of the car that protects the engine area. It also serves as a decorative piece on many vehicles, especially trucks. Choose from a variety of designs like polished chrome, wire mesh and LED designs that glow in the dark.

Part of this grille may be to add an air-intake system to the engine. It allows the engine to breathe better, generate more horsepower and give your hot rod the boost you are looking for.

3. Rims

Rims add that extra glow to the car as shiny wax does. Everyone notices a car that drives by with large, polished rims on the wheels. Car owners have a variety of materials, colors, and designs to choose from, such as chrome, alloy, and spinners.

One thing that is mentioned, especially by, is to beware of your bushings. says "that's because the handling, steering, braking and ride quality are all dependent upon the bushings being tight and within specifications."

4. Electronics

Many people do not think of electronics when they consider auto parts. If you are focused on enhancing the car and not just on making repairs, consider installing electronics apart from the built-in radio. Car televisions come in all different sizes and can be built into the dashboard or above the seat. Many modern drivers use touchscreen control panels with voice activation for the task of GPS navigation.

5. Turbo Engine

For those who love speed, some turbochargers add more power to the engine. A turbo engine is designed for an installment on any vehicle, not just sports cars, and makes driving more enjoyable. Be able to drive up hills and on rough off roads more efficiently. Maintain the effectiveness of this high-powered engine by checking the oil and cooling system regularly.


Old cars are rarely demolished nowadays because people find some value in non-running vehicles that are in bad condition. Cash for cars is available to take an old car off your hands and make a profit off the parts. Also, you or a specialist can learn how to transform an old, rundown vehicle into a hot rod with modern, stylish enhancements.