Re-Build a Classic? Ways to Be More Efficient in Completing the Project

by Brett Byrne on Mar 27, 2018

Re-Build a Classic? Ways to Be More Efficient in Completing the Project

Working on a classic car is one of the real joys for any mechanic or gear-head. Some vehicles can make you drool and dream of working on, and the opportunity to do so can be a dream come true. However, classic cars pose challenges for any mechanic, ranging from different part structure to the sheer age of the engine and chassis.

It is easy to get bogged down in the differences and unnecessarily prolong the job. Instead, it is better to focus on making yourself more efficient. There are several ways to do this, from PDCA cycles to merely organizing your workspace.

PDCA and Grow

If you are asking yourself, "how does a PDCA cycle work?" you should learn, as you can stand to increase your output significantly my making this simple change. PDCA is an acronym for "Plan-Do-Check-Act," and it allows you to strive for continuous improvement in whatever you do. The system follows several simple steps to enable you to grow:

  • Plan. Figure out what part of your approach might benefit from a change.
  • Do. Make it happen, run a test of the new approach.
  • Check. Did it work? Might this be worth continuing?

Act. Take the information you learned and make the change permanent if it worked.

By following these steps, you will be able to quickly weed out strategies that do not work for your project. Over time, you will see your efficiency increase exponentially.

Tools are another element of your project that should not be overlooked. Over time, even the best of us allow our tools to become scattered and disorganized, making for both hazards that can cause injuries, and slow you down in the process. Taking a few minutes now and then to put all your equipment in order will save you time looking for tools, freeing you up to get your work done sooner, with less struggle.

When you need parts, you might benefit from working on other parts of the project, and then complete several parts orders at once. This will provide you with a two-fold benefit. You will save on shipping, if you order online, or save yourself trips to the store if you prefer to purchase that way. You will also get the great feeling of having all of your set up work done, and then putting all the new parts together at the end, allowing you to enjoy the spoils of your labor quickly.

The importance of taking regular breaks during your work can not be understated. Over time, we all lose focus a little bit and taking a few minutes out of every hour to recharge your batteries can allow you to relax, and be able to get back to work quickly and get more done as a result.

Lastly, when you are working, you need to make sure to have a set plan for your day of work. While your idea can always be subject to change, merely hacking away and working without a system will only serve to bog you down in the long run. Even a simple to do list can keep you centered while you work, allowing you to devote more of your mental bandwidth to the task at hand, making your more efficient in your work.

Working on classic cars is a dream for many mechanics. However, no idea comes without its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to efficiency. Once you learn "how does a PDCA cycle work," as well as other methods to increase productivity, you will unlock a new level of success in your work.


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