Best Tips For Protecting Your Vehicle From Heat

by Brett Byrne on Aug 14, 2018

Best Tips For Protecting Your Vehicle From Heat

Now that summer is here again, protecting your biggest investments from heat should be a paramount concern. Sadly, most people are apathetic about the changes in the weather and the deleterious effect it can have on their vehicles. For those who know that summer requires a heat-resistant regimen, the long-term benefits of the preventative maintenance pays off. If you have ever bought a pair of seat covers and watched them fade into old rags practically overnight, you know how powerful that solar radiation can be on your vehicle.

Safety First

During a heatwave, the interior of your car can rapidly escalate to 170 degrees in a matter of minutes. All you need is for the direct sunlight to convert into thermal energy with closed windows that trap the heat. Let's not forget that a simple incandescent light bulb powered the favorite children's toy oven that baked real cakes. This is a testament to how easy it is for heat to multiply in an enclosed space. You need to take particular care to remember your pets and children are extremely vulnerable to heat and should never be left in a car alone. Many have died or nearly died from heatstroke when parents found themselves in one of those "I’ll only be second" situations where they’re in the store for one second, then one more, and another as the clock quickly ticks away.

Protection Inside and Out

If you have leather seats be sure to use a leather conditioner that offers heat protection. Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight to spare fading of that vivid paint job, among other things. You know for a fact that sun can bleach hair. How difficult do you think it is to bleach the pigment of your paint job one gradient at a time. You will probably never even notice because it is so gradual each day. Regularly washing your car with a super-soft sponge and a gentle bar soap diluted in water between hard wax applications is the best protection to retain that showroom finish.

A Few Simple Fixes

Applying ceramic exhaust coatings will help evenly distribute and dispel the heat produced by your exhaust. This makes it easier for your air conditioner to cool the air. The air intake is typically inducted from the engine bay where this exhaust manifold heat gets trapped. If you are forced to park your car in direct sunlight, keep a pair of those windshield visors handy. These visors will cover both front and back windows to reflect the majority of the sun rays.

Keep these tips in mind and you will enjoy your car for many summers to come. If your interested in some more ways to protect your interior, or any other tips about car maintenance, be sure to check out our blog.