Five Finishing Touches Every Car Needs

by JUAN ruiz on Mar 07, 2018

Five Finishing Touches Every Car Needs

Cars are more than just a mode of transportation. For many people, they have a sentimental attachment and connection with the owner. This is why so many people spend time and money on extra accessories and adornments for their vehicles. After necessary repairs and maintenance, here are five finishing touches every car needs. 


1. Rims 

While rims may be considered a flashier addition to a vehicle, that is not their only quality. There are more subtle car rims that won't steal attention but will simply add to the overall appearance of the vehicle. Car rims come in several different shapes, colors, and sizes to ensure all personal tastes can be matched.  One important thing is to protect your investment, to keep your wheels in top shape you can clean them by using Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner, Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner easily destroys brake dust, oil & road grime without damaging or staining your wheels. Using the latest technology, Turbo Wax Wheel Cleaner cleans any style wheel without acids, butyl ethers, harsh detergents or other harmful chemicals. Our wheel cleaner is PH balanced and is clear coat safe! Safe for aluminum, chrome & alloy wheels,


2. Dashboard Cam 

While having a dashboard camera may do little for aesthetics or sound, it has advantages for other reasons. First and foremost, a dashboard camera is an excellent way to confirm insurance claims. It can help to capture proof in an accident and how the event occurred. These are both especially important reasons for newer, or recently renovated cars. This is an accessory that can be used for the entire life of the car.


3. Extra Detailing

There is nothing more disturbing than a car that is well-kept on the outside, yet a mess on the inside. Getting interior detailing is a great item to have for any car, no matter the age. With technology today, every inch of your vehicle can get spick and span in no time at all. You can even do a lot of it yourself. With new auto detailing vacuum cleaners, you can shampoo and clean your car seats and upholstery without using water, After the seats have been cleaned a great way to maintain them is with Turbo Wax which has created a special blend of ingredients that produce a UV barrier, shielding against the sun to prevent cracking and fading of all your vehicle’s interior leather, vinyl, and rubber. This special blend blocks the sun’s intense rays from penetrating and altering leather, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. This non-greasy formula lets your interiors natural color shine through!!

4. Bespoke Floor Mats 

Standard floor mats are usually made of carpet or a cheap leather. These types of materials easily stain and trap nasty smells. Whether a drink is spilt, or your shoes track in mud, these mats need to be able to handle a lot. Fortunately, many companies offer bespoke floor mats that are custom fitted to a vehicle. They are made of water-resistant and smell-resistant rubber to keep the car looking and smelling great. 

5. New Paint Job 

After a car receives repairs, a new paint job is a nice finishing touch to consider. A quality paint job can help make a car more less noticeable on the road. It helps to cover up blemishes, scratches or stains that may have been received during or before the repairs. Furthermore, car dealerships often look at a vehicle's paint job when determining value and price. 

Car repairs don't have to point a car towards retirement. Instead, this time can be used as a fresh start. With the right finishing touches, even the oldest car can be transformed into an amazing vehicle.