Five Things to Check Out Before Driving a New Car

by Brett Byrne on Apr 05, 2018

Five Things to Check Out Before Driving a New Car

If you are thinking of purchasing a new car, you’re probably pretty excited. It can be fun checking out the lot and doing test drives, but before you drive any new vehicle there are a few things you will want to check. Checking your car before driving it will allow you to address any issues that might not be fixable once you’ve driven the car off the lot.



The first thing you will want to look at before driving a new car, is the overall condition. You should inspect both the interior and exterior of the car. Check for scratches, dings, or any other aesthetic issues. Check to make sure the paint is even, and all parts are aligned properly. This step will require patience, but it is very important when making sure you are receiving the quality you purchase.



Your new car will not come with 0 miles on it, but it is important that the car does not have more than 20-25. A new car only needs to be driven short distances during transport, even if it was test-driven more than once. In fact, most cars should only be driven onto the transport truck and into the dealership. In some rare cases, a car needs to be driven to the dealership, but beware as this is a very rare occurrence.


Owner's Manuals

Every new car should come with at least one owner's manual, provided by the manufacturer. The owner's manual has very important details about your car and will provide you with instructions on a variety of things, such as when to change your oil. 



Your vehicle's owner’s manual will list all the controls in your car, what each control does, and how to use them. However, before you drive it is a good idea to ask the dealer about any controls you do not understand. The dealer will be able to show you first-hand what the controls in your car do. Still read the owner's manual though, as many cars have hidden features.



Now is the time you get to ignite the engine of your new car. When you first start the car make sure to listen for any strange noises, such as ticking or screeching. Let the car run for a few minutes and continue to listen for any noises that sound out of the ordinary. 


These are just five things you should definitely check before you any new car. If you are unsure of anything about your car, utilize the time to ask the dealer.