How Can I Keep My Car Looking Beautiful Year-Round?

by Brett Byrne on Mar 29, 2018

How Can I Keep My Car Looking Beautiful Year-Round?

Keeping a beautiful car requires a lot of maintenance. This is particularly true when living in an area that experiences all the different weather patterns that the year has to offer. Developing a regular car care routine and safe storage space not only helps keep it beautiful year-round but it also preserves the life of both the interior and exterior.

Interior Cleaning

When cleaning the interior of a car, first thoroughly vacuum the floors and seats. Despite the weather, it is important to vacuum on a regular schedule. Summer sand and winter slush can permanently mar the floors of an otherwise beautiful car.

When cleaning the dash, make sure to read labels to determine if the product is appropriate for the material being cleaned. Use only products approved for that type of material. Simple mistakes like cleaning electronics with a cleaner made for plastic can lead to warped, non-functional touchscreens. Never clean leather interior with a product not specifically for leather; this leads to irreparable staining. Turbo Wax Leather, Vinyl and Rubber is an outstanding interior conditioner.

Exterior Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the exterior should be part of a car care routine. It is especially important in the quest to winterize your car. Cars should be regularly washed during the winter to avoid the build-up of residue caused by road salt. Turbo Wax Spray N Wax is a great product to maintain the body and the undercarriage to remove the residue and prevent rust.

While it may not necessitate a full cleaning, pay special attention to the car's surface. Often, the surface become faded and dull due to the lack of maintenance.  The outside elements such as the sun and contaminants from fallout along with inexpensive chemicals play a big role on the surface condition. One way to keep the surface protected and looking good is applying the Turbo Wax Paint Sealant. Also the car shampoo is very important, The Turbo Wax Car Shampoo have you covered.


As previously mentioned, the sun may cause a car's paint job to fade. Additionally, cars often experience damage from the elements. Storing a car in a garage is the optimum solution to these problems. An open carport is the next best solution. If neither of these are possible, the car can be covered by a commercially made plastic or suede car cover. This cover protects the car's exterior from the elements in a practical, cost-effective manner. If the elements are and issue the Turbo Wax Waterless Wash is a great alternative to keep your car clean while in storage.

Maintaining a beautiful car year round takes work. A regimented cleaning schedule for both the interior and exterior must be employed. In return, you will have a beautiful car that runs well for many years to come.