How To Keep Your Car Cool During The Summer

by Brett Byrne on Aug 19, 2018

How To Keep Your Car Cool During The Summer

The summer heat can cause temperatures inside of your vehicle to exceed 120° F in just a matter of minutes. In fact, even on less sunny days, the temperatures inside a car can be 20-40 degrees hotter than the temperatures outside the car. If you want to keep the interior of your car from turning into a scorching furnace, use these tips to keep the temperatures down inside the vehicle.

Turn on the AC

The most obvious way to keep the interior of the car cool is to crank the AC high. Keep the windows rolled up and allow the air to flow. Of course, cooling with the AC works only when the vehicle is in operation.

Park in the Shade

Though parking in the shade isn’t always an available option to keep the sun out of your car, take advantage of the opportunity when it is possible. Nothing keeps the interior of your car cooler than being out of contact with the sun's rays.

Use a Sunshade

Put a sunshade in the windshield every time you exit the car in order to prevent sunlight from contacting the dashboard and steering wheel. Not only will this protect your hands from grabbing a burning-hot steering wheel, but it will also keep the interior of the car cooler than it would be without sunshades. The sunshade is the go-to sun protection device for many people since it is a low-cost product sold in assorted styles and designs to accommodate every desire.

Tint the Windows

Tint can be a great way to add sleek style to the appearance of your car while also protecting the inside from extreme heat. If you’ve ever opened the car door to overwhelming heat or sat down on seats that nearly caused third-degree burns to your legs, it might be worth your while to learn the laws for tinted windows in your state and find a professional installer. Make sure to get a warranty in case the tint starts to bubble.

Cooling Seats

Heated seats are popular for wintertime driving. Why not add cooling seat features to add comfort to the summer? This accessory is available for many vehicles, though costs vary from one model to the next. It is worth checking out, however, since the seats certainly alleviate the heat when it is hot outside.

The Bottom Line

When it is time to get in the car and go, don’t let the extreme heat stop you from getting on with the day. Many car owners know all too well how hard it can be to protect their vehicle from the heat. However, there are simple techniques that can work in your favor and help keep your car cool, no matter how hot the temperatures outside rise. And while you’re working on your car for the summer months, be sure to also treat it to a good waxing so it can also take advantage of the summer sun and shine.




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