Is a Rental Car the Best Option When Your Car is in the Shop?

by Brett Byrne on Mar 26, 2018

Is a Rental Car the Best Option When Your Car is in the Shop?

Car repairs seem to occur at the most inconvenient times in life. When your car is stuck in the shop, you need a reliable source of transportation to work or school. Consider several options to get around town and decide if renting a car is the best option.

Rent a Car

Renting a car is the most convenient option when your car is in the shop. Have access to your private space without having to share seats. It's the most comfortable option because you choose the exact vehicle make and model. If you work in a high-end business, you may need a luxury vehicle that suits the job title.

Rent a car to drive it on your schedule. Go straight to the destination without having to make multiple stops. Select the exact times and dates when you want to drive.

An airport car rental is a source of transportation to and from the airport. Some companies also provide you with rides to restaurants, concerts, bars, etc. Review the rates that are being offered by different rental companies. Get the best rates by shopping around and doing the research a few weeks in advance.

Perhaps, depending on where you take your car to get fixed, the dealership or shop has a so-called rental vehicle for you to drive. Probably, even a loaner car is an excellent form of transportation. The only downfall of a loaner car is if you are in an accident, you will have to repay in full for any damages to the vehicle.

Take Carpool

Share rides in cars with family members, friends or strangers. On local carpooling websites, look for maps with routes and stops where drivers will pick up passengers. Some services are free, while others require only small membership fees.

Take Public Transportation

In major cities, most people take the subway to and from work. Consider taking a public transportation service that is closest to you. People who live in urban areas have access to buses on every other street corner. People who live in suburban neighborhoods have to drive a few miles to the nearest bus station.

Use Ride share Services

Ride sharing has increased significantly in popularity since the 2000s. The drivers arrive at your destination quickly and charge rates that are cheaper than those of taxis. Some companies hire only safe, reliable drivers by performing background checks or requesting work references.

Some people cannot survive for more than a few days without their cars. Your best source for temporary transportation is to rent a car. You choose your schedule and destination without interferences from other passengers. There are online tools that you use to compare rates and choose the most affordable one. In the end, a car rental is the simple and convenient option to consider.


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